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Flats in town centre - Luxury Villas with swimming pool - Characteristic smaller properties in typical Tuscan Borgo
Do you need accommodation in Lucca? Have you decided to spend your vacations in Lucca or in Tuscany, then just have a look at our offers! 
You will probably find a typical Tuscan country house to let or a Tuscan villa with a swimming pool and maybe tennis courts. 
We can also offer you a flat in the historical city center of Lucca, with a fantastic view of the ancient city walls. 
Our staff has visited and checked all the properties we offer for vacation rentals in the area of the charming Lucca. 
So if you are looking for a holiday dream house in Lucca or roundabouts, do not hesitate to contact us!
We are not a traditional Italian real estate agency. To begin with, we only list properties where we would happily spend our holidays.
If we don't have the house of your dreams listed, we can find it for you, either in Lucca or its roundabouts.
For further information, please contact us by email or just give us a phone call to ensure that we fully understand what you are looking for.
After browsing through the houses offered, we suggest you choose two or three properties and email us to ask if they are available. We will then email you back to tell you the price and if the house you want is free for the dates you require. 
You can also provide us with alternative holiday dates.
Please remember that holiday rentals are generally offered on a weekly basis. 
They usually go from Saturday to Saturday. We can accept different accommodations on request.
If you have decided to relocate to Lucca, we also deal with monthly and annual rentals.
So if you are thinking of relocating to Lucca, send us an email describing what you are looking for!
If you are arriving by plane either to Pisa or Florence or any near airport, we can also organize a taxi to pick you up.

Welcome! Click on one of our assistants to send a message, they will reply as soon as possible.

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