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Property Management

Our Services - Property Management


Property management:

We can offer you property management service of your property in Tuscany while you are abroad. Through this service you will not have to worry about anything concerning your property, because it will always be checked by us. You can choose among following options or just tell us your needs and we will be pleased to help you out.

  • advice, arrange and supervise technical services for restoration or other work
  • find local labour for domestic, gardening and other work
  • organize garden maintenance
  • advice and arrange swimming pool installation and general maintenance
  • arrange for the transfer of water, electricity, gas, telephone bills
  • advice on and arrangement of all forms of insurance
  • advice on where to buy new or antique furniture at a good price


Services offered by Real Estate "La Camelia":

As a high quality specialist in Real Estate, we cover following services:

  • instruct a suitable technician (geometra) to check the property in case of administrative entanglements, such as liens, third-party rights, contested ownership and so on.
  • arrange estimates on properties in a given area and price range research of similar properties for the client's consideration
  • accompany, represent and/or advise clients at the preliminary contract
  • arrange a Power of Attorney for clients who cannot be personally present at contract signing
  • arrange the preparation of the final contract with a public notary
  • negotiate the purchase acting solely in the buyer's interest


Extra services on request:

  • translate and explain legal documents and correspondence
  • advice on legal documents required by the Bank in order to get a mortgage
  • advice on generating an income from your property (e.g. by renting)
  • open bank accounts in the client's name
  • sign contracts on behalf of clients who have given due authorisation to us
  • acquire an Italian Tax Code for the client (essential for all contracts)
  • Help in case you decide to relocate to Lucca
  • Help and advise on obtaining residency for long term stay (so called "permesso di soggiorno" for Non European Clients)

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